Jun 15, 2015

Its time for Summer Beer photos!!!

Can you believe it, its time to start collecting those summer beer photos!!! Things are heating up, and its time to hit the pool, beach, boat, mountains, wherever it is you choose to spend your summer and enjoy your beer!

1. There must be a beer in the picture.....you can be in it, or not, as long as you either take it, or are in it, and there is a beer, that's good enough for us....doesn't have to be a craft beer, just a beer you enjoy.

2. It must have a "summer theme" to it. It doesn't have to be outside, at the beach, it just has to be taken while you enjoy summer. At a restaurant, on a beach, by a pool, on a hike, in your back yard mowing the lawn, as long as it is taken while you enjoy summer.

That's pretty much it, everything else is fair game. Nudity is fine, as are other "adult" themes, as long as its legal, we will post it. We are open to everything... We are even accepting short video clips this go around!

Send your photos to " thebeerczar@gmail.com " and we will post them.

We will be collecting photos through out most of
the summer. If we get enough photos, we may even break them up into separate posts.

Check out other summer beer photos here and here... These are some of the most popular posts that we do, so be a part of it!!!

Until next time
Bottoms my friends!

The Beer Czar

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