Mar 4, 2015

Friends and Fan's Winter Beer Pic's!! 2015!

A few weeks ago, amidst seemingly never ending weather reports and news stories about the constant barrage of freezing cold wintery weather blasting most of the nation, I asked people to send me their photos of how they are dealing with all the snow, and cold, school delays and cancellations, and everything that comes with life in winter.

The response I got was nothing short of awesome! I want to thank everyone that sent in their photos, or allowed me to use their photos for this piece. This group of photos is just proof that beer is fun, and people that enjoy beer, know how to make the best of a difficult situation, and enjoy their favorite beverage, regardless of the weather outside! So, whip up a cup of some Stout Hot Chocolate (with ice cream) and enjoy!!

This is John, my ex-wife's cousin. This was the photo that inspired me to ask for your photos! John doesn't seem bothered by the snow or freezing temps in the slightest.
This set of photos was sent to me by Roger, in CT. Roger always sends in some great photos, and these are certainly no exception!

At least your beer won't get warm!
Probably my favorite photo of the bunch! I found this posted on a beer page on Facebook by Matt, on his summit trek up Mt Rainer! Amazing photo!
This next set of photos was sent to me from a few "friends of a friend" in Hanover MA.
The old "Irish Yard Stick"!

What a great snow cave!!! I love this picture as well!
I thought the above pic was pretty much the ultimate beer drinking snow cave, until Kodi, in Norwalk CT sent me this set of photos. Kodi wrote me and said "My Landlord plowed a full 1 story high pile of snow in my parking spaces, so we made the best out of it.  Built a fort and threw a party. Word spread fast around town and people are begging to come drink in it too."
It was 15 feet deep, and held over a dozen people!

Thank you Kodi!!! Awesome pictures!
Marc, Warminster PA
Another Mark, this one in NE Ohio
This was taken off the Green Flash Facebook page, taken while they were visiting NYC!

Harry, in East Berlin Conn, finds it easier to stay warm inside (I couldn't agree more!). A bottle of Backwoods Bastard doesn't hurt either!
Jannine, in my home state of Maine, making the most of it for sure. Just looking at this picture makes me chilly......
Jenna, in Indianapolis, keeping the beer chilled is easy!

Thomas, in Fredricks MD, probably needs this beer to cool off!!
Stephen, in Worchester, MA
Trent, in Cody WY. All the snow is making that very large bottle of (wonderful) beer look pretty small!
I liked this pic too. Taken from Mother Brewing's Facebook page.
(Springfield, MA)
Actually, even here in Arizona, we are not without snow (at least some of us). These pic's come from just up the hill in Flagstaff. A picture of Mother Road's patio, and the entrance to Beaver Street Brewery.

However, not all of us in Arizona have snow. I took this picture while trying measuring the amount of snow we got so far this winter......
Pretty much the same amount as it was last time I checked......
What would a "friends and fan's" post be without a picture of the lovely Kayla? Here she is either heading out for the evening, or coming home.....
We here in Arizona are not the only ones that get off easy in winter......
Enjoying a beer in Florida.....
Dwayne, in Llwaco, WA needed a beer to help him get through a little landscaping...
..and to finish it off, probably THE BEST way to enjoy a beer in the winter, let Jan from Playa del Carman show us how!!!
Again, many thanks to everyone that sent in, or allowed me to use your photos for this set. These are always fun posts, and I you seem to enjoy them almost as much as I do!
Not sure what the "theme" for the next Friends and Fan's photo post will be, I'm open to any suggestions....send them to me.
Until next time
Bottoms up my friends
The Beer Czar


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