Sep 8, 2011

Guinness Black Lager

Guinness is setting its sights on the American Craft Beer market by introducing its new “Black Lager”, set to be released in the states this month. Has anyone seen this in stores yet? I’ve taken a look, and can’t find it. When I heard Guinness was coming out with another beer, I had mix feelings. When people hear I am a "beer person", then assume I drink almost nothing but Guinness, and normally say something like "o, you must love Guinness" or something to that effect. I am not a huge fan of Guinness, but I do like it, and will drink it from time to time, and I enjoy it. I am not, however a fan of other brews they produce. Most are less exciting than the original Guinness, which is not a very exciting beer to start with. Their 250th anniversary brew was like a summer version of Guinness, sort of light, with less body (and taste) than the original.

From what I have been reading, this new beer isn’t much more exciting, if not less so. I saw it has “Cold-Brewed” on the label? Did Coor’s buy out Guinness and no one notice? It’s not as strong as original Guinness, in both ABV and flavor (4.5%, as opposed to the originals already light weight 4.9%) with less flavor, and body. Unlike original Guinness, that is suppose to served slightly chilled, in a glass, this is designed to be enjoyed very cold, right out of the bottle, which if you are trying to capture craft beer fans, this is the exact opposite direction you should be heading, but that is just my opinion.
I'm not sure how making a less exciting beer then they already have on the market is going to lure anyone from the craft beer world to them, but I appreciate their effort. .
So, nothing to get too excited about, but I still would love to try it none the less. So, if anyone has seen it, or even tried it, please, let me know where you got it (or at least saw it), and what you thought of it, I would love to hear first hand.

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