Fan Photos

Libby, and old friend from High School, and her husband celebrating St Patrick's Day!!                 

This is my friend Becky from College, celibrating Dr Suess's birthday with a Sam "I am" Adams!

My friend Brad and I enjoying a beer at Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone, Arizona

My good friend from college, Becky, with a fine beer from my home state of Maine.
 A former co-worker of mine, Arian, enjoying two of her favorite things, Miller, and NASCAR, taken at Bristol Motor Speedway.
Our Canadian friend Bobby, enjoying a bucket of Corona's on a fine Canadian afternoon!
 A friend of mine took this picture of his girl friend and her, um beer?
Our friend Daniell, enjoying a beer at The Yard House!
Myself, Mrs Czar, and her best friend Lisa, and her fiancé at the time (now husband) Brooks, at Jolly Pumpkin in Traverse City, Mich (my wife and Lisa's hometown)
High School friend, and Fryeburg Academy Cross Country team mate, Sean, and his wife enjoying a few little beers in Portland, ME
 This is Roseanna, wife of my friend Brad from the first picture, enjoying a brew at The Yard House.
 Friend and fellow co-worker Nikki, finishing off her Dos Equis at The Sandbar in Chandler, AZ
 Nikki again, and my long time friend Kayla, enjoying a few beers at the Sandbar in Chandler. This was a sending off party for Kayla's brother, that recently joined the Border Patrol.
This is Brad again, feeling good at The Yard House.

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